Are you interested in playing cricket, fed up playing for a club that has poor facilities. Or worse has no social life, is clicky or doesn’t welcome wife’s, girl friends and children? Then it’s time for a change!

All of our matches are local, quite the opposite to some leagues where you could be traveling over an hour just to get to an away game.

We are a club on the up! We offer junior coaching and successful adults teams for all ages and abilities.

Off the field we have a very vibrant atmosphere with events for all ages. .

Girlfriends, wives and children have the opportunity to enjoy our comfortable facilities. Why put up with a club that doesn’t cater for there needs as well as yours. Every member also receives a membership card which entitles the holder to 50p off each drink purchase.

There are a very limited amount of clubs that can offer you this! Come and join one that can!

Simply email: cricketclub at

Your guide to joining our club

Come and join us in 2015