Alveley Cricket Club was formed on 1st April 1908; a former mining village we are located
in Southeast Shropshire 7 miles between Bridgnorth and Kidderminster. We offer a strong
structure and clear organization that provides an atmosphere for motivation through the
learning of skills and also through social interaction. We are one of the most recognized and
fastest growing sports clubs in the region.

Whilst as a club we enhance and accelerate development of all the players just as important
is focusing on the supporting development of each of the players as people too. We have
focused both individually and collectively to ensure we provide opportunities for everyone.

The family is a key agent in nurturing, developing and supporting young players of all levels
and abilities. For example, we have lots of examples where generations of the same family
continue to play for the club, this is very rare for most sports clubs.

Our club is not just about sport but social camaraderie and the opportunity to engage in multi-skills.

We have produced a positive and nurturing environment to support the development of

Younger and older people.

The growth of the club has been down to the environment and people
involved; our supportive environment will breed supportive players.

In 2019 we start using our new ground Four Oaks, it's a very exciting period in the club

history and we can't wait to start using it.