We are delighted that we will be able to re-open the Cricket club Pavilion on Friday 10th July.

We have been working very hard to ensure that the safety of our Staff and Customers is paramount in our objectives ready for the re-launch and accordingly we have taken every measure possible within the confines of the premises and large grounds to give you the confidence that your Health, Safety and Welfare are being protected.

Like us we do not want to live through that surreal and frightening experience again, which has been devastating for many families.

We will make you aware of all the new procedures when you first re-visit us, and if service is slower than normal while we get into our new roles, then bear with us, it will improve and become easier for us all as we go on

We are all really delighted to be able to welcome you back and I am sure the next few weeks will be a great time of celebration, especially if God favours us with a very long and dry Summer!

The Grounds, (five acres for you and your family to enjoy) are looking superb, a nice cool Beer, Lager, Cider or bottle of wine down there, what more could you ask!

See you soon at Four Oaks ???