Recent upgrades to the venue have been made with technology in mind, thus providing the stage for a safe, secure and fully ‘connected’ experience.

With high density WiFi  to enjoy free, fast and stable download speeds of up to 30mb per second and will help boost connectivity and efficiency across the facility.

The club has invested into a new membership payment system, which enables us to process payments and transactions much quicker.

Because of this our venue going totally cashless so as to enable a convenient and contactless point of payment, ensuring the latest hygiene and social distancing measures can be incorporated into our premises.

The changes will help cut down on queuing time at the bar, increase speed of service and raise hygiene standards.

With the improved security and logistics of payment taken care of directly via contactless cards, wearables, digital wallets or QR codes.

“The club is being proactive in responding to the situation we find ourselves in, to create a safe and convenient environment for people to use our facilities.   Customers are going to have a better customer journey and spend more time watching the action.”

“A significant amount of work has gone into preparing the ground and making it fully compliant with Government regulations, this is just another way of us reducing the risk of Covid and improving our customer services.