A new scheme to promote biodiversity and cultivate Shropshire’s wildlife population at Alveley Cricket Club’s Four Oaks Ground.

The club has launched the ‘Pardon the Weeds, We’re Feeding the Bees’ area at its new Four Oaks Ground which allows green spaces to grow and thrive with wildlife.

The reduced mowing programme aims to improve habitat for a variety of flora, fauna, animals and insects, including our crucial bee population, by letting grass and flowers grow wild.  The area will be left to grow until late August/September.  Recently we have planted apple trees and are due to plant another x50 bushes in March, adding to the 1,000 hedge row saplings planted four years ago.

The site will be marked with a bright yellow sign, asking users to ‘Pardon the Weeds, We’re Feeding the Bees’, making residents and visitors aware of the scheme.

We selected the area based on being large enough to provide an environmental benefit without presenting any issues for users of the ground.

Pollinating insects have been in decline for decades due to habitat loss. It makes complete sense for us to create wildlife-friendly areas, rich in nectar, by mowing selected areas less frequently and allowing these potentially abundant grasslands to grow, where possible.

And that’s not all. Another obvious benefit is the chance to increase the amount of carbon captured by our green spaces.

This isn’t about cutting costs or just leaving areas unkempt. This is a carefully managed programme, motivated by our commitment to protect and enhance the environment.

We’d love to see this less manicured, more varied landscape across more sports clubs, and I’d love to see people sharing photos of their local wildlife spaces on social media, #PardonTheWeeds.